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    For each room not cleaned and not changing the linen, Yalo donates to Broeinest VZW.

    Broeinest is literally a nest for young adults. A safe place for young people where their identity is central and where certain themes are defined through group workshops and events. Yalo is proud to partner with this Ghent-based non-profit organization, founded by Sofie Maertens, which supports young people, students and recent graduates between the ages of 16 and 30 with personal growth, challenges and concerns. We fully support this and it’s close to our hearts, just because we have a lot of young people and students on board in Yalo.

    Choose sustainability during your stay and skip cleaning one or more nights. As a thank you, Yalo will donate 10 euros to Broeinest because we believe in shared impact being the key to a better tomorrow for all. A chat in Broeinest provides peace and direction, the beneficial insights anyone can implement in their lives. At Yalo, we care about people, our planet and everyone’s future. It’s your choice, their future. Consciously pause and contribute to positive change.

    Do you have questions about Broeinest’s partnership? Contact us.

    Questions about the encounter at Broeinest, thematics or how the workshops work? Read everything here.


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