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Add some spice to Yalo Paradise

A sexy and naughty package of Tutti Passi (value of 60 euros), a fine bottle of our best sparkling wine Noblesse & a late check-out until 1 PM. This is all you need to add some spice to Yalo Paradise. Book your room of choice and add this package if you want a hot extra.

  • Surprise package of Tutti Passi (€60)
  • Sparkling wine Noblesse
  • Late check-out until 1 PM
  • Package only, room of choice not included in the price
Nobel Donnatella

Stay Nobel

Can't get enough of the weekend?


On Sunday, we don’t think about next week. With this deal you can stay in a Nobel state of mind. Book a room of your choice on Sunday and end the week in style. Our Not-So-Standard rooms are waiting to welcome you, an extra fee will be charged on all other room types.

  • Applies only to Not-So-Standard rooms
  • Nobel Legende wine + bar bite
  • Late check-out
  • Only on Sunday's

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